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    Lyrics Ludacris

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    Release Therapy (2006)

    Warning (Intro)
    Grew Up A Screw Up
    Money Maker
    Girls Gone Wild
    Ultimate Satisfaction
    Mouths To Feed
    Mouths To Feed
    End Of The Night
    Tell It Like It Is
    War With God
    Do Your Time
    Runaway Love
    Freedom Of Preach
    Grew Up The Screw Up (Remix)

    The Red Light District (2004)

    Number One Spot
    Get Back
    Put Your Money
    Blueberry Yum Yum
    Child Of The Night
    The Potion
    Pass Out
    Spur Of The Moment
    Who Not Me
    Large Amounts
    Pimpin' All Over The World
    Two Miles An Hour

    Chicken & Beer (2003)

    Southern Fried Intro
    Blow It Out
    Stand Up
    Rob Quarters Skit
    Splash Waterfalls
    Hard Times
    Diamond In The Back
    Screwed Up
    T Baggin' Skit
    Hip Hop Quotables
    Black Man's Struggle Skit
    Hoes In My Room
    Interactive Skit
    We Got
    Eyebrows Down

    Word Of Mouf (2001)

    Coming 2 America
    Roll Out (My Business)
    Go 2 Sleep
    Cry Babies (Oh No)
    She Said
    Area Codes
    Growing Pains
    Move Bitch
    Saturday (Oooh! Oooh!)
    Keep It On The Hush
    Word Of Mouf (Freestyle)
    Freaky Thangs
    Cold Outside

    Back For The First Time (2000)

    What's Your Fantasy (Remix)
    Phat Rabbit
    Southern Hospitality
    U Got A Problem
    Stick 'Em Up
    What's Your Fantasy
    Mouthing Off
    Catch Up
    Game Got Switched
    Hood Stuck
    1st & 10
    Get Off Me
    Come On Over
    Tickets Sold Out (Skit)
    Ho (Skit)
    You Got A Problem?
    What's Your Fantasy
    Come On Over (Skit)
    Ho Skit

    Autres Chansons

    Midnight Train
    Block Lockdown
    Rock And A Hard Place
    It Wasn't Us
    My Business
    Area Codes (Hoes)
    Grab It
    John Madden 2000 Theme
    Act A Fool
    Fatty Girl
    Blow It Out (Remix)
    Splash Waterfalls (Remix)
    Get Back
    Lovers & Friends
    Made You Look (Remix)
    Meet The Dealer
    Break Bread
    Red Light (Remix)
    Sugar (Gimme Some) (Remix)
    Sugar (Remix)
    Lovers & Friends (Remix)
    The Jump Off
    Gold Digger
    War With God
    Money Maker
    Freestyle Video
    He Man

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